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The city of Nyctopolis was named by its first duke, when it was little more than a lookout tower and a stockade. The name, people say now, was meant to be imposing, a bluff for the duke's superstitious enemies: what fool would have the audacity to storm the City of Night? But the power in the land itself has responded to the name laid on it. Each year in Nyctopolis is slightly darker than the year before, and the more credulous of her citizens are beginning to believe that there will come a day when the sun refuses to shine on the city at all.

This project will be a collection of interlinked short stories, connected by their common ground in the city of Nyctopolis. A number of them will probably contain sexual content. Others may contain violence. Pieces that might not be appropriate for all audiences will use the content-restriction system in place on Dreamwidth; please use your discretion in browsing. If a story is going to contain potentially triggering content such as sexual violence, I will warn for it (and if I have failed to warn for something that could be triggering, please let me know so I can fix it; I do not want to hurt my readers).

This is also, quite frankly, a playground. I am using this setting as an excuse to mess around with concepts and scenarios that appeal to me. It will not be high art, but it is my hope that it will be enjoyable.

All content posted to this journal is licensed under Creative Commons, BY-NC-SA; please link back to this journal when using any of this content to create derivative works.
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